20+ Youtube channels for learning English

Why you should use YouTube to learn English? Well, there are a few reasons. For example, maybe you want a variety of materials. Traditional books, lessons, and audio might not be enough and might not be very exciting. One good thing about video lessons is that you can pause and rewind whenever you want to. There are also many videos that let you see the speaker’s mouths up close. This way you can better understand how to move your mouth to pronounce sounds.

Regardless of your learning preferences, age, or ability, Youtube has a lot of English language lessons and they are available for free. There are many channels out there – this list (in no particular order) is just a start. Browse a few to find out if any of them suit your personal needs and preferences! (Don’t forget to check my list of podcasts if you just want to listen to English learning materials.)

British Council Learn English

This is the official YouTube channel of the British Council. The videos look professional and include skits of real-life scenarios. They also have several animated grammar lessons.


This channel is run by Minoo Short from the UK, and provides short lessons that focus on topics such as phrasal verbs, vocabulary, and listening skills.


Learn English with Jennifer is like learning from someone who really cares. This channel is more for beginner students. Her videos cover a wide variety of topics and include colorful slides and graphics to help you.

Rachel’s English

Rachel teaches American pronunciation. She brings her background in classical singing to help you reduce your accent and refine your pronunciation.


This channel features Ronnie, one of “EngVid’s eight teachers, who offers fun lessons that are informative and practical.

Let’s Talk

This India-based channel focuses on accent training, correct grammar usage, idioms, phrases and vocabulary. You don’t have to be Indian to take advantage of the practical tips and clear instruction provided by these videos!

ESL and Popular Culture

This is a British channel providing simple lessons to improve listening and reading comprehension. Instead of a person teaching on-screen, these videos focus on images and text to accompany audio lessons.

Business English Pod

Do you need to attend a business meeting conducted in English? This ESP (English for special purposes) channel has clear and detailed lessons on topics such as supply chain management, finance and economics, and contract law.

Learn English

This channel includes skits and basic lessons for beginners. It includes graphics, visuals, and subtitles.

Speak English with Steve Ford

This channel has a lot of content.Steve Ford’s engaging videos will help you reach your goals, whether you’re preparing for the TOEFL test, studying business English, or improving your conversation skills.

ESL Basics

With mini-lessons on vocabulary, idioms, and phrasal verbs, this channel is perfect for quick, one-stop vocabulary learning.

Speak English with Misterduncan

This is one of the most popular YouTube channels for learning English, probably because Misterduncan is passionate about his topic and quite funny. He’s been teaching since 2006. His lessons on topics like the tenses, slang, news, fashion, and money, and he focusses on how the how the language is spoken rather than grammar.

Real English

This is a great channel for beginners and has a large library of free access lessons. Each one includes two videos, one with subtitles and one without, and a handful of exercises. It has real people and real-life situations.

BBC Learn English

From one of the world’s most famous broadcasting companies (the British Broadcasting Corporation) you get a variety of formats of free English language learning lessons, such as real life situations, cartoons, and interviews. Most videos are short and there’s also a collection of videos for words you hear in the news.

VOA Learning English

This channel offers subtitled news reports that are read out loud at slower speeds than normal. This gives you time to hear every word clearly and to see the shape of the announcers’ mouths as they read their news scripts. I highly recommend “Voice of America.”

Jennifer ESL

Jennifer has a collection of more than 200 videos that are grouped into easy-to-use playlists. There are lessons for beginners, lessons to improve your writing in English, lessons on grammar, and many more.

Linguaspectrum Interesting English

This channel centers around interesting things you may encounter, such as vocabulary you will need at an airport, creepy-crawlies (insects), and types of musical instruments.

EF podEnglish

Learning English from YouTube is made a lot easier with these  5-minute English lessons aimed at all levels, from beginners to advanced students. They’re well-structured with a three-part lesson plan: watch, learn and try and there’s a great range of topics too.

Minoo Anglo Link

This channel teaches all aspects of the English language, from important grammar and vocabulary topics to ways of improving your fluency, pronunciation and listening skills.

English Class 101

This channel claims it is the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to learn English.  It has tons of audio and video lessons.

Rebecca ESL

Rebecca is a youtuber whose goal is to upgrade your speaking, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, business English, IELTS, TOEFL, and more.

A.J. Hoge

The Effortless English Show is not really my style, but Mr. Hoge has been teaching for quite a while and has a large following on Youtube. He focuses on helping you improve your speaking confidence.

Learn English Lab

This is another channel that is really popular in India. The channel owner gives free English lessons on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, accent, conversation skills, writing skills and more!

Papa Teach Me

This funny British gentleman offers well-produced videos with lots of tips and tricks to help you improve your English.

Bonus: Know some children who are learning English? Send them to British Council: Learn English Kids or KidsTV123

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