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Online Reading Resources for Self-Study

The more you read, the better you become at reading. Pretty obvious, right? But the wonderful thing about reading in a foreign language is that not only will you gradually improve your reading speed and comprehension, but you’ll also learn […]

How to use YouTube to Learn English – 5 Steps to Success

Can you study and improve your English language skills through YouTube? Yes, you can. However, YouTube is only a tool, and it’s a tool that can waste hours and hours of your life if you’re not careful. Yes, YouTube can […]

Delivery skills for presentations & speeches in English

Delivery refers to HOW you present your content – it’s everything about your speech EXCEPT the meaning of the words you say. If you have a beautifully prepared presentation, but do not deliver it well, your audience may not be […]

Learning deeply by explaining – The Feynman Technique

Einstein was thought to have said, “if you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t know it well enough.” If you flip this quote around, you get a very powerful study tool: “If you want to learn something well, explain […]

5 tips for learning to speak English at home for free

How can you improve your English speaking skills on your own, without spending any money? Let’s find out! Many of you are likely familiar with the term ESL, which means, “English as a Second Language.” This acronym applies to English […]

What is intensive reading and why should you do it?

English language learners often practice reading in textbooks and language guides, but overall, many learners of English do not regularly practice reading as much as the other skills – listening speaking, and writing. This is a shame, because reading is […]

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