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10 Tips for Writing Effective English Summaries

People summarize all the time in their day to day lives. You might summarize something interesting that you read in the news. You might summarize what happened at a party that your friend missed because she was sick. You might […]

Study Less, Study Smart – Tip 7: Use Mnemonics

A: How do you say “socks” in Japanese again? I keep repeating the word over and over, but I still can’t seem to remember. Why is my memory so bad? B: Actually, there is probably nothing wrong with your memory, […]

Study Less, Study Smart – Tip 6: Practice SQ4R

Have you ever read a page in your textbook, and, even though you understood all the English, realized you don’t remember what you’ve just read? This happens when you’re not engaged with what you are reading. It’s difficult to be […]

Study Less, Study Smart – Tip 5: Teach what you Learn

I’ve always liked to say to my students that if you can explain something to another person, you probably know it well. Well, as it turns out, Dr. Marty Lobdell would agree with me. This is part 5 on a […]

Study Less, Study Smart – Tip 4: Revise your Notes

Welcome to part 4 on this series on Dr. Lobdell’s 7 tips on how to study less, study smart. So far we’ve covered chunking, creating a study space, and active learning. In this post, we’re going to talk about note […]

Study Less, Study Smart – Tip 3: Practice Active Learning

Active learning? What on earth is that, and how can it help you study less and study smart? This is part three in a series of Dr. Marty Lobdell’s advice for studying smarter (and less!). The previous post was about […]

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